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Our Services

1. Complete Hydraulic System Solutions

  • We design, fabricate, install and commission the complete hydraulic system according to the agreed specifications.

2. Preventive Maintenance

  • Health Check - We carry out system check including components functionality, recommend inventory of critical spares or energy saving improvement.
  • Annual Service Contract - We offer Annual Service Contract for preventive maintenance and reduce possibility of down time on hydraulic system breakdown. Under the contract, we shall give priority attention in the case urgent attention。
  • Oil Condition Monitoring - We provide equipment for oil quality monitoring and filtering.

3. Cylinder Repairs

  • We carry out cylinder repairs which includes replacing hardchromed and harderned rods, horning of barrel, repairing of piston, replacing seals, pressure test and painting.

4. Pump And Motor Repairs

  • We repair open-looped and close-looped pumps and motors. Parts that are damaged will be replaced. They will then put on the Test Bench for testing of Pressure,  Flow, and Leakage. A Test Report will be available upon request.

5. Trouble Shooting

  • Our trained and experienced technicians will carry out trouble shooting of any hydraulic system problem.
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